The SIS Webshop is an initiative of the SIS PTA with the goal of strengthening the school's community. Kontors Companiet has been commissioned to help with supplying the school's official merchandise, make them more accessible with this Webshop and fulfilling orders on demand. In conjunction with the PTA, Kontors Companiet will continuously come out with new products and all products are approved by the school as official SIS merchandise. It is our goal to supply products that are not only good quality but made with consideration of the environment and clothing made with organic cotton.
Please consider when ordering that clothing that printed after ordering and delivery takes place about 2-5 days after payment has arrived. We always do our very best to supply the best products and deliver them to either post them directly to you or the school for pickup as quickly as we can. Thank you in advance for your support of the SIS PTA, Kontors Companiet and the wider SIS school community. 

Heard from customer

You have really succeeded in getting it right as we want it! / Anders

A great initiative of the PTA to make these products more accessible. / Ryan